Council Tax & Caring in Wales

Hi, forum newbie here and have a question.
The scenario is,
Person A is getting an income related benefit and also gets PIP standard care. Person A gets single discount & also full CTR because of income.
Person B lives elsewhere and has no IRB and gets 25% single discount on council tax and is not A’s partner.

Person B moves in with Person A to be their carer (over 35 hours pw)

Would Person B be disregarded from council tax, so Person A should still get the single discount & full CTR because of income?

Hi HSB, welcome to the forum, I am not sure which part of Wales you are in but it worth seeing if the local council has a local area cocordatior, where I live in Swansea has one for each area and they’re great help. If that fails them go and speak to someone in the council or job centre or local care centre or the cares helpline. All the best

Thanks for your reply Michael
I’m in Powys. I will ask the council, but do like to try and find out as much as possible beforehand

Hi @HSB welcome to the Forum.

I don’t know about Wales but in England if someone is eligible for CTR at 100% and then they have a Live-in Carer that person is disregarded for Council Tax and the main person does not lose the CTR.

However, it is worth asking your local council to double check - I would be surprised if there was any difference. It may be worth asking if there is any additional relief on Person B’s home if it is empty due to being a Live-in Carer elsewhere.

Others with more direct knowledge may post replies in the morning.

This MAY be of help.

Section 6 on “Carers” seems to indicate Person B will be able to get 100% relief on their own home while acting as a live-in carer.

Thanks Chris,
Yes thankfully Person B will be exempt from CT in old property while it’s empty.

Hi @HSB I suggest you contact the CUK Helpline:

Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm (excluding Bank Holidays) or you can contact us by email (

If you have a more complex query, we suggest you email us, as we’ll be able to provide more information.

Another excellent place to get advice about benefits is the following: