Council Tax and Carers Reduction

Greetings and Salutations
I currently look after a family member in my home but this needs to change this year.

It’s hard work looking after them and my own child especially the older we all get.

This family member was left a flat by his now deceased parent and refused to sell saying they wanted to live there in the future.
Well because they are not living there the Council are charging full Council Tax which they cannot afford.

I want them to learn to be more independent and we agreed that I would still be their Carer but that they should only stay with me Friday to early Monday morning.
So I would still be providing care more than 35hrs a week and they would still see me everyday. The only differences is that they would be living in the flat they were left.

My question is will I lose my Council Tax relief for having a Disabled Person within my household?

Will I be able to apply for a relief for this family member for the flat they will be staying in 4 nights a week.

Many thanks for any replies

Council Tax discounts / disregards ?

Many hits from an Internet search … COUNCIL TAX DISCOUNTS DISREGARDS … Alzheimers Society web site won … by a short head.