Carer 'disregarded' council tax reduction

I only recently read that a Carer can be ‘disregarded’ enabling them to apply for a Council Tax Reduction when they are living with, but not the Spouse or Partner of the person they are caring for?

Does this apply with all Councils?

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Yes. Google “Council Tax Disregards” and look at the .gov site.
If the person you care for has dementia, then they too are disregarded on the grounds of severe mental impairment. Back dateable to the day of diagnosis!

My understanding of this is that you are not disregarded if you are a carer for a child under the age of 18. Does anyone know an6 different?


Full sp on Council Tax Disregards … EntitledTo web site :

( Internet search … COUNCIL TAX DISREGARDS … and , hey presto … )


**_[u]People who are disregarded for Council Tax.

Some people are exempt from liability for paying Council Tax.

Exempt people include those who are:[/u]
aged 17 or under.

living in the property temporarily and who have their home somewhere else.


in detention prior to deportation or under mental health legislation.

defined as a severely mentally impaired person.

full-time students on a qualifying course of education.

a spouse or a dependant of a student and a non British Citizen who is not allowed under immigration rules, either to work in the UK or claim benefit.

Student nurses/Project 2000 student nurses.

young people on government training schemes, apprentices, or foreign language assistants.

hospital patients who live in hospital.

living in a residential care home, nursing home, or mental nursing home where they receive care or treatment.

living in a hostel which provides care or treatment because of a person’s old age, physical or mental disability, past or present alcohol or drug dependence or past or present mental illness and in England and Wales a bail or probation hostel.


care workers.

staying in a hostel or night shelter, for example, in a Salvation Army or Church Army hostel.

school or college leavers still aged under 20 who have left school or college after 30 April. They will be disregarded until 1 November of the same year whether or not they take up employment.

aged 18 and someone is entitled to child benefit for them. This includes a school or college leaver in remunerative work, or a person in local authority care.

members of a religious community.

members of visiting armed forces and their dependants.

those diagnosed as " Severely mentally impaired. "_**

Unfortunately that’s true if it’s your own child. Not sure if it’s someone else’s child though.
There is absolutely no logic to that exception, the rules are a mess.
What difference does it make who you are caring for, if you are a carer, you’re a carer!
My son was brain damaged, I couldn’t work as his needs were too great for any alternative care in our area (he worked his way through 14 carers!) so despite an honours degree, I had to stay home rather than work.