Looking for advice

I’m new here, I care for my mother who has had a venous leg ulcer for the last 6 years which still has not healed. A lot of the time she is bed ridden as she also suffers from lupus, arthritis and has had weak blood circulation along with other issues which have all snowballed into her having no good quality of life. She often gets in a lot of pain and cries and there’s nothing I can do except give her liquid morphine on top of her medication which already knocks her about and probably doesn’t help her stomach ulcer either. I don’t feel like I get anywhere with the doctors, I feel they just prescribe medicine that blankets the problem? Instead of healing it. I guess what I’m asking is, is there any hope of this going away for her one day? It also takes a lot out of me but I don’t say anything as things are hard enough for her, plus I don’t have much money as I had to give up work to look after her better. She has nurses change her bandages, and some carers come every week twice to wash her but is there anyone here who knows if venous leg ulcers and the pain she has can go away? I’ve read all sorts of things and story’s about certain things working but I don’t know if there is any truth to them? She is 70 yrs old now and I can accept her getting I’ll in her later years, but to be in so much pain for all these years, surely something can be done?

My mum suffered from leg ulcers for years, the only thing that gave relief was me massaging the leg. I was a teenager. How I hated those ulcers, they were horrible. Mum also had bad varicose veins. Later she had surgery and this sorted them. In her old age there was no sign of these issues. Later though, she developed a very bad sore/ulcer on her chest, which was resistant to antibiotics, and eventually killed her, but she was then 87. It’s impossible to say which came first, ill health or ulcer. When did mum last see a specialist?

So sorry to read of your Mothers dreadfully painful leg.


Have you looked at the above site.

She last saw specialist just before Covid. They said they couldn’t do plastic surgery until the wound heals up more. Since then it’s been just local doctors appts for when she has infections, or her pain is more severe or when she gets her injections for arthritis. Sorry to hear about your mother.
I bought my mum this little massager which she does use…do you think massaging with hands will be better?

Thanks for the link, any advice is appreciated.

After I had swollen legs following a knee replacement, I bought a “Circulation Booster”. Wasn’t cheap but worked amazingly well, the swelling went down almost immediately. Talk to your local chemist or disability shop to make sure it’s suitable.