Pressure Ulcers

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well and looking after themselves as best they can!

I am currently conducting research on the current prevention and management strategies for pressure ulcers and the subsequent impact it has on carers and patients. I completely understand if you are extremely busy during this difficult time but will be extremely grateful if you or any of the carers will be able spare some time to talk to me. I will be really grateful if you will be able to spare a few minutes.

Thank you!

What sort of time commitment do you require? My husband is 81 and has had pressure sores for around 2.5 years. We have had District Nurses visiting once or twice a week. Various creams have been tried - Sudacrem, Proshield and others and various dressings. He does not move around very much and is underweight with psoriasis.

As a carer, infection is always a major worry.

Hi Luthfun,

Thank you for expressing an interest in Carers UK’s forum.

While your research sounds interesting, due to the high volume of requests we receive and the limited resources we have to review each one, unfortunately we are unable to grant permission to any third party to conduct research using our Forum. This includes posting links to research or surveys on the Forum, and soliciting members through private messages to take part in their study.

While we are unable to help on this occasion, you might find it useful to get in touch with local carers services in your area. They may allow you to contact their network of carers. You can use the local directory on our website to find your nearest carers service here: … al-support

Wishing you all the best with your studies.

Best wishes

Melly1 (on behalf of Carers UK team)