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I am here because I need help. They last year has been difficult for everyone i know but I think I need some support. I was made redundant from my part time job in October 2020 and as I have also lost my rest bite carer for mum i am now on my own. My mum is difficult and although she is still talking to friends every day she still is over protective of me and keeps pushing me away and not asking for help. She cut her leg last night blood every where but didn’t want to tell me if was only because my dog some me I realised something was wrong. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong that she won’t tell me? Could talk to my customers before but now don’t have that friends are busy with their own problems and don’t like to bother them

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Can you give us a bit more information about mum?
How old is she?
Does she have any diagnosed illness?
If I cut myself the immediate response is to stop the bleeding and cover a wound. To just let it bleed is most definitely not my normal behaviour. Did mum give any explanation?

Mum is in her late 80s I have been her carer now for 5 years she moved in with me when it became obvious that she wasn’t coping mental health and physical issues became too much Since then I have as so many do balanced work and caring. However in the last 12 months she seems more reluctant to ask for help last night a typical example she is good now have dressed the wound phoned district nurses etc but I don’t understand why she didn’t tell me straight away I am only a door away she said that it 4 am and thought she could cope with it

Hi Caroline, welcome to the forum

I’m sure other members will be along to offer support regarding caring for a parent but I just wanted to direct you to our working carers information pages. Here you will find guidance and support for working carers which may be useful for you.

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