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Hi there been trying to get information about claiming carers for my mother who receives a state pension and enhanced rate pip without any success on the information I need. If I make a claim will this affect her benefits in anyway i can’t seem to get any clarification on the .gov website and will not be willing to claim for it if it does I have been caring for her for over a year now since my father passed away and find it has been putting a financial burden on myself as I’ve not been working during this time and my partner and I are living on what she has been earning which isn’t enough to cover our living expenses and advice would be greatly appreciated many thanks in advance Joseph

If you are caring for mum, then you are entitled to Carers Allowance subject to the conditions. Mum may be receiving an additional allowance if she has no carer, which she may lose. If you claim C A you may be a lot better off as you may be able to claim other benefits without being required to look for work. For extra information, contact the helpline.

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You might find our resources on Carers’ Allowance useful.

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