Carers Allowance 

Just some advice on a claim I am going to go for my dad is 84 and needs my help now as he is more or less bed bound now
He gets £134 pension £99 pounds pension credit and AA of £58 a week
Now I need to leve work to care for him from now on
So what can I claim to help him for me think it is Carers Allowance
But if I claim that will he lose any of these benefits he gets before I put a claim in

No, please don’t leave work, get dad the help he is entitled to.
If he is bed bound, he can have help from Social Services, or may be entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare (ask Google for info).
What is the nature of his disability?
Has he had an Assessment from Social Services recently?
Are you planning to move in with him?
Does he own or rent his home? Don’t inadvertently make yourself homeless!!!

When I say leve work I am being made redundant next week after 15 years
Anyway he does not want anyone else to look after him only me
He not I’ll he just old but finding it hard to do thing is self anymore needs help to get to toilet and back
And make his food I do not live with him as I go down 3 times a day to sort him out
And it is a council house

from the above web site …

Effect on other benefits
Carer’s Allowance can affect the other benefits that both you and the person you care for get.

Effect on the benefits of the person you care for
When you claim Carer’s Allowance, the person you care for will stop getting:

a severe disability premium paid with their benefits
an extra amount for severe disability paid with Pension Credit, if they get one
They might also stop getting reduced Council Tax. Contact their local council to find out if this affects them.

Effect on your benefits

When you claim Carer’s Allowance your other benefits may be reduced, but your total benefit payments will usually either go up or stay the same.

Carer’s Allowance does not count towards the benefit cap.

If you get Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit, you must contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to tell them about your Carer’s Allowance claim.

Yep just put details in their and if I claim careers for him he will lose over £60 pounds
What a joke what’s the point in claiming for him
Give it you in one hand and take it from the other hand

John phone the Carers UK help line next week. And talk though the benefits the on line calculator are only a guide. There are many factors taken in to account.

Whats the number