Logging in difficulties

Can’t seem to login through the main portal. I can only login when I’ve been sent an email.

Hi Timothy

I had similar problems - it turned out that the new forum was remembering my old forum log on details (username / password) unfortunately my “old” password was 8 characters and the “new” forum requires a 10 character password ! I amended my password and haven’t had any problems since.

When you’ve gained access via an email notification click on your avatar - top right hand side.
Go to bottom of drop down and click on the downward arrow
Go to Preferences and then Security
Click on “Send Password reset email” and follow instructions in the email.

At least I “think” that’s what I did unless one of the other moderators/admin have a different way !

When I tried to login with my old password it didn’t like it. However my old password was 11 characters long. However I did what you said and I changed it. The same length but different characters and it now seems to work. Hurrah.


I couldn’t log in today. They sent a resent link which said password , it autofilled my old one when i clicked on it and here I am. Merry making May it is.


Hi all, thanks for your feedback on accessing carers connect. Glad to hear is working now. We are working to improve the access.

Best wishes