Issue with logging on for existing members - resolved

If you are already a member of the forum, can read some threads but not post and have been having problems logging on; the issue has now been resolved.

Try again and if you have to reset your password - make sure it is 10 characters long!!!

NB The forum might believe your username is slightly different to what it is - so if the password reset doesn’t work - try the remind me of my username option too.

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Re Usernames - if you’ve been used to using your email address as you username it would appear that the system doesn’t like that now ! You will need to use your forum username.

Yes, a new password reset now requires a minimum of 10 characters and requires a “special” character to be included - i.e. £ $ @ & etc

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you know what-its just too clunky and difficult. having tried to log on numerous times over the past weeks and not able to access or navigate the forum with ease-surely the point of a blog for tired folk with limited time-I’m giving up on this forum. There must be other venues for carers out there?!

Hello Annie
Sorry you are leaving. The forum has been down to certain email addresses. Blueyonder and Gmail.
Up and running now. You can post on roll call or if you find this section easier I’m sure nobody will mind and will be supportive


Hi Annie,

I’m sorry you have had issues too, they seem to be resolved now.

The new forum takes some getting used to but us members are the same and are here if you want support or just a chat.

Is your husband still drinking a lot? @helena_2006 is having to deal with this too.

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Am on here finally. Had all sorts of issues logging on.
Seems to be sorted now

Welcome @Hello_there It seems there have been some serious issues for some people trying to log on but well done on persisting and ‘breaking through the barriers’. We’re told the problems have been resolved now so if that was the issue you faced, it should be behind you.

You’ll find there is a good supply of support and information available form others on here as well as the info pages on the main site. I suggest you have a mooch around and check out some of the threads, you’ll find some serious issues being addressed as well as some more light-hearted chit-chat.

For a general natter, check out “Roll Call” which many describe as ‘a chat over the garden fence’, which I think is apt because many of us check in on each other and ‘pass the time of day’, including keeping tabs on our online friends to make sure everyone is doing OK.

You can share as much or as little as you want and never hold back asking for advice as there is a wealth of experience available as well as virtual shoulders to sob on when things get rough. The best thing is we all know what it is like to Care as we’ve been there, got the scars and the t-shirts.

May I suggest introducing yourself with a few details you are happy to share - for whom do you care, do you have a job outside your caring role - that sort of thing, just to break the ice. Remember, you are in control of how much you share and when.

See you around.