Locked out when using my computer, could read but not comment?!

I spent ages trying to log in using my computer. I know my user name, new password related to my holiday soon, but I kept being told username and/or password were incorrect. Help!

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I’ve double checked my user name. I’ve told it where I’m staying later in the year, my new password. I check they are both correct, but when I tell it everything is correct it comes back with my email address and says I need to use my user name!

Are you back on with your computer or using a different device this evening?

On my iPad. I don’t understand why on my computer it changes my forum name to my email address and then reminds me to use my forum name!? I can’t touch type on my iPad.

No nor me.

Susieq has reported to Michael that you are locked out but as you are posting he may assume the problem is resolved.

If no one contacts you; email
membership@carersuk.org and/or let the mods know.