Log in not working

Hi Ula here
Really difficult to post as on phone only which is too small and cannot make log in work so please advise me . I need to log in I have reset my password but says not recognised

I had one email apology but no help

Ula, I’m sorry you are still having difficulties. As you know so are Susieq and Pet66, which leads me to suspect lots of other regular members are too.

I will flag your post to admin.

Yes still locked out and unable to log back in.
I can just about post on roll cal on my phone but difficult to use.
This email is white type on white back ground so v hard to see.
Please can the supporters for forum help.
Thank you


Susieq has asked me to post this message to you:

“Hi Ula

Am I understanding your position correctly –

(1) you can log in via your phone but not on your laptop/tablet/PC ? Or is it that you can’t log in on any of your devices but can reply to Roll Call using the “reply by email” function in the email notification rather than the “visit topic” function ?

(2) when attempting to login you get the “password/username not recognised” message and then ask for password and/or username reminder ? Which elicits a “reset email” sent in response, but no such email is received ?

(3) I understand from Admin that you have a Gmail email account – is that correct ?

Sorry for the questions but I’m trying to build up a picture for Carers UK IT systems developer and the IT servicing company they use in the hope that we can find a common denominator to help us ascertain where the glich in the system is !

Please be assured that there is a lot of work going on “behind the scenes” to try and get this problem resolved. I know it is of no comfort to you but I believe that there are quite a few members who can’t access the Forum at the moment – me included !


Volunteer Forum Moderator”

Dear Melly and Susieq
Email replies to this email are only showing as White text on grey. So hard to see.

The only way I can log on and see roll call is through -visit topic function when using my phone from my email, but only on my phone. Visit the topic function has stopped working on tablet.
If I try to login using password and user name on any device including phone it says password or username not recognised.
I logged out accidentally on my tablet.
yes I use google mail.

(2) when attempting to login you get the “password/username not recognised” message and then ask for password and/or username reminder ? Which elicits a “reset email” sent in response, but no such email is received ?

All that is true for me but I do receive email to reset I reset but then not recognised I have reset at least twice.
My email shows as google mail in my password memory that is linked to my fingerprint on both my phone and tablet so I used to log on using the password and user name stored on phone and tablet.
Let me know if you get this message as very faint to see white text on grey.
I have no other problem with phone email or tablet with any other sites. Thanks :pray: for helping Ula

Ula I can see it. I’ll check Susieq can see it, even though she can’t reply.

I’m so sorry you and others are having such problems, especially at a time when you need forum support.

Ula I hope you are ok. I agree with Melly that it sad you cannot post easily when you may need support. Thinking of you. Can you PM? I do hope they can get it sorted soon.

Dear Helena
Thanks for loving kindness.
I can at least visit topic linked to emails.
Daughter no worse and a bit more angry and independent. As you now never easy alongside challenging behaviour.
Big hug to all your cats and you
Ula x

Melly great you can read my email.
V strange that text is white on grey for me when replying to emails from Carers uk only.
Goodness knows what is going on with carers log in, it is just broken I tried logging on again 10 times yesterday, reset password. Nothing changes just not recognised.
So glad I can visit topic from phone. Life line.
Surprised not to have had more support from carers uk IT, one email over a week ago.
Oh well I am lucky I can visit topic.
Warmly Ula x


Susieq says two organisations are trying to solve the issue - I just wish they’d get a move on, as I know how much carers need the support of the forum especially when going through tough times as you are.

This is just a suggestion, until they sort it out, if you click reply on the email you should be able to highlight and change the colour of the email text from the forum and be able to read it better.


Thanks Melly and Susieq
And thank you to teams solving
I am doing ok with visiting topic

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty logging on
Hopefully I can chat soon
It’s still awkward for me as the replying seems different
Been thinking of you

@Ula & @Pet66
You don’t have the little symbol saying you are posting via email - so you are back in! Though Pet you are saying something is different/ more difficult?

Melly it’s sorted thanks to you. Needed desktop site. How silly of me to forget that!