Police chiefs fear crime will spike as locked-down opens

PUBS across England reopen today after closing when Boris Johnson ordered the UK into lockdown - but police chiefs fear crime will spike as locked-down Brits ‘over-do it’

The Prime Minister has pleaded with Brits to be ‘sensible’ and stick to the rules, despite the relaxing of lockdown measures.


I have seen a Facebook post tonight about three pubs closing already due to people not following rules and fights breaking out.

My sister works in a pub down South. She said it was very quiet yesterday. Some folk left because they didn’t like the new guidelines in place and a few were asked to leave as they weren’t prepared to follow them. Interestingly most of their customers are of the older generation!


We have 3 pubs near us and for years we have seen people staggering home obviously drunk too much.

Last night it was the same, I saw one couple the lady was truly one side of the pavement to the other.

I saw a young woman clearly drunk too much, couldn’t walk in a straight line.

This was about 11pm, had they been drinking all day?

Boris said people should take it easy, not drink too much, people are ignoring this.

Unfortunately its always going to be the same - like with the Lockdown regulations us and some neighbours stuck to the rules, my next-door neighbours one side did not - they carried on mixing as usual.

Same with those visiting pubs, some will be sensible, some won’t. The landlords have a big responsibility - some will act and some won’t.

Sadly all we can do is keep ourselves and our families as safe as we can.


We just look after ourselves now because some people have never followed the rules anyway.

We have young neighbours with a small baby and every night since before lockdown they have about 5 or 6 young friends round. Every single night and most afternoons. They only come outside to smoke.
They are so thick that when it was Clap for Carers they all used to stand on the doorstep clapping like mad and banging saucepans.

i give up I really do.

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