What to do when people ignore govt guidelines

Hi, I don’t post on here often. But i have reached boiling point with my next door neighbours.

They are both in there late 80’s so extremely vulnerable.

In the past three weeks they have had at least 12 different visitors, tea parties on the front lawn, allowing people into the house. It’s basically a revolving door of visitors, tonight it’s the Granddaughter and her Boyfriend.

I think the thing that really rankled me is on Thursday night the sheer hypocrisy and audacity of coming out to clap for the NHS before returning to his home and ignoring the rules to protect the NHS!!

How do you deal with these idiots who think they are above the law??

Hiya Sandra, Looks like your neighbours have ‘got away’ with breaching lockdown already. Now there’s going to be more of it because of Boris Johnson and his ‘bubbling’ lark and suggestion of ‘garden parties’ as the easement of lockdown.
I have the same type of twits next door to me, who in the last week, have built a ‘watchtower’ annex without planning permission, I might add, which overlooks the entire back of the house…including my upstairs rooms.
There’s got to be ways of dealing with such fools.