Lifeline 'wireless' service providers


This month I purchased a Lifeline service, including personal alarm and fall detector.

However, the wired lifeline hub (Vi) needs to be connected to the telephone master socket, which puts it in a side room that my mother-in-law (being partially deaf/blind and with vascular dementia) is never going to find.

I have found that Tunstall have a Vi+ product that is mobile and wireless, but cannot find any companies selling a Lifeline service and personal alarm with this later hub product. My current provider does not have that product available.

Is anyone using the Vi+ model (or something similar) and which provider are you using?

Lifeline services are usually arrange by Social Services. Have you contacted them?

Bizarrely they told us to sort it out, it had not occurred to me that they would organise it.

However, since posting I have worked out that I am really after the Smart Hub device, which is landline free. Not many providers of that either. Anyway, will give it a go.

Like your tag ‘Information is power’ :slight_smile:

“Information is power” So many people have missed out on thousands of pounds, and lives have been so much harder than they need have been, because no one has told them what benefits and help they are entitled to.
Whenever I have helped someone, I ask only that they pass the information on to someone else who might benefit from it.