Carehome Room Telephone Line - Which Provider?


I’m new here because my mother went into a carehome last week. She has vascular dementia, but is still able to hold a reasonably lucid conversation, including over the telephone.

The carehome she is in has a separate telephone line in each room, for which the resident organises the provider, independently of the home.

I am finding it difficult to identify a suitable landline only deal, because every provider I look at seems to provide Broadband, with a telephone line included, and contracts seem to be either 12 months or 18 months. I suppose I could do one of these and not use the broadband, but it seems crazy. I’ve asked the home, but they say that no one actually has a telephone line connected in their room, perhaps due to advanced stages of dementia that my mother hasn’t reached yet.

I have found , and , both of which seem like a good deal, but I worry that the numbers may be a premium line, where callers dont realise they are paying. I cant find any information, (recommendations and problems/complaints), other than the limited stuff on their web sites, If they are proper landlines, with proper numbers, either of these could be the answer.

Simply put, does anyone have any recommendations for landline only suppliers, and what are peoples thoughts regarding the two suppliers above?

Many thanks for any help



My Mum has a landline and doesn’t have internet. She is with BT.


Thanks for that - I’ll give them a call and see what is available.

Likewise, I have a relative in a care home with a bog standard telephone line (from BT I think) with no broadband or other bells and whistles. You don’t see such things in glossy adverts. It is best to phone telephone sales and just say what you want.

I had a friend (now sadly deceased) in a care home; he was disabled but mentally astute. He had a phone line with broadband and he had his computer set up in there. We sometimes exchanged e-mails. It it good that care homes provide telephone facilities in every room with the potential technical capability that the resident requires.

For completeness:

I went with in the end

Chose Call Guardian 2 at £20 per month, so she can call UK landlines and mobiles with no extra charges. 30 day contract, paid in advance so, when we want to end it, we just let them know.

What a lovely and helpful company to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble and they held our hand at every step, including the setting up of a new line, (£75), in Mums room.

In the end, she had to have a new number, as Talk Talk put every possible obstacle in the way of closing down her old line at her house, and transferring the number. The most disgraceful company I have ever dealt with, given the circumstances.