L/A insistent running rings

I’ve spent too long on my keyboard this morning.
The day service which my son goes to changed their hours in the beginning of November, but apparently my son’s taxi is arriving almost an hour before close of service to take him back.
He wants to stay and the LA are not getting their money’s worth.

I sent a simple email to the new SW today, asking about the time of collection each end of the day.
She refused to tell me!

I also found out last night from a facebook group that clients can write their own Needs Assessment. That’s a best kept secret!
So I asked the SW for details of that. Request ignored.
With my background, qualifications and experience I’m better placed than anyone else to do my own, and my son’s too.
I’ve just made a Freedom of Information Request for details.
Whilst waiting for the onion for the chestnut stuffing to cool down! All finished now, balls in the freezer, dirty dishes, in the dishwasher, now to make the Royal Icing.

BB of course he doesn’t want to leave early. Something he enjoys obviously and why should he. Taxi times get changed. Social worker refusing to answer or at least find out is appalling. Sadly not surprising.
Butterfly. The treatment you are still receiving is appalling too.

I think they’ve all lost sight of the fact that they are supposed to be public SERVANTS.
There to help and enable the most vulnerable in society to be safe, happy, and healthy.
I’m under huge pressure from my eldest to look after myself, I had another lecture yesterday, he’s worried about me, I’m worried about me, sometimes I think SSD are making my life as difficult as possible so they finally kill me off.
At least the Christmas cooking is going well!