All day on the phone? sick of it

I have 6 emails this morning all telling me to contact other people, ring this place, ring that place, but i don’t have names and i don’t have telephone numbers for some, so how can i?
I am also trying to concentrate on my medical issues, i have been on the wrong dose of medication for years which has given me bad side effects, made me ill basically so i have to chase this up as well and complain about the GP?

I don’t get paid a penny i am dealing with people who are being paid £30,000/£40,000 or more a year and i am having to contact them.

I just haven’t got time, it is making me ill, the responce, go see the GP, but the GP has caused all this in the first place.

I can see myself ending up in hospital soon and what happens to my carees then? they probably end up in hospital as well.

What a *********** country we live in paying morans and the people that do all the work e.g. us unpaid carers don’t get a penny.

So sorry about the swearing but had enough, i am really on the brink of going down to A&E.


Sounds very stressful


This all sounds very stressful.

You could ignore the emails or reply; “This unpaid carer is currently unavailable” or “I am unavailable for the x amount of time, as I need to concentrate on my own health” or similar.


But the thing is if i don’t follow these up me and my caree will just end up with no help don’t want my caree taking another overdose.
She Needs help, we asked almost 3 months ago, still waiting for the wheels to go into motion.

If i give up, no help will be supplied.

I keep getting told about advocacy the same 2 organisations they don’t work in my area and the previous advocacy asked for , had to wait over a year.
This isn’t social care, caree can wash and dress herself, so doesn’t need and probably won’t get social care but needs help with chronic mental health issues.
If we live in the right area we can get a Rethink advocate but unfortunately we don’t.

Last week I had an Ombudsman’s decision that is riduculous. If M wants a PA he can ask for Direct Payments himself. M has a mental ability of a 3 year old!!

This week, I was told by a day service provider that Social Services wanted me to to drive to M’s flat 15 miles away, do a mental capacity assessment in him (!!!) and then tell a day service provider whether he understood about the virus and agreed to go back to the service.

I told the provider that as SSD had commissioned the service, it was up to them to do an MCA, especially as they have clearly told the Ombudsman things that simply aren’t true.

They can’t have it both ways!

This is the problem , they expect people are ill to do all this, well they can’t, ring this person, ring that person, they are supposed to sit there all day waiting for someone to get back to them.

One of my carees, paid carers come to the man next door, then drive away and come back up to 3 hours later, they can’t do my carees call straight after even though that would be common sense.
So my caree is sat there for hours waiting for her dinner, the man next door gets his dinner when he wants.

It is supposed to be personalised care that you can control yourself, so the man next door can have the care when he wants but my caree can’t.
But the Care agency don’t have the staff to give the personalised care, well why advertise it and why don’t they just turn up whenever for the man next door.

Not happy, she is told to go through the Social Services complaints procedure which will take months. Help and support with the complaint, contact an Advocacy agency which will take weeks/months to get an advocate.
Cruel and unnecessary.
Probably would win the Ombudsman case but that will be months/years away.
They make the rules but then break them.