Heavy heart, crying worried

Hi fellow carers
I have been trying all day to hold back panic.
Our adult daughter’s psychosis has been terrible today.
I stayed at her flat trying to calm and support and had to call crises line in the end and leave her alone. I felt so guilty. She would not come to our house and I was so stressed in the end . It was not at the level of needing police. I wish wish, long for her to have sheltered housing but she turned it down when she was discharges 3 months ago. She has done quite well but financial chaos and house in chaos. I cleaned up the kitchen again due to ants and mice. Social care involved but not v helpful on the whole. She is so vulnerable. I burn myself out working full time and caring.
Sorry to pour out my story, I hope hope hope she can be settled and nothing else terrible happens. I lie in bed imagining the worst.
Sad times again, last 12 years have been one long guilty worry.
Ula, the sun helped to brighten me.

Ula, I’m sorry to hear your daughter has been struggling so much today. It sounds like you did your best to calm and support her and calling the Crisis team was the right thing to do. I’m sending (((hugs))) and cyber support and will say a prayer that the Crisis team are able to help her settle and that you get some sleep too.


Thanks Melly means a lot x

Hugs from me too Ula. You go the extra mile for you beloved daughter and that is all you can do.

Thanks with all my heart :heart: Helena

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You are in my prayers.

Dear Thara
I notice you often post v kind messages.
Thanks for your care and positivity
Blessings Ula

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I’m dismayed at the nationwide lack of mental health services, despite politicians saying how much they are doing!


It is hard dear BB we write letters to the help workers and call for help a lot. We just keep trying to be our own rapid response team. Thanks for being angry for us. V tired so off to bed
Warmly Ula

Sorry to read this Ula. It’s bad enough when our kids are young but when they are adults and need just as much care and support it is really exhausting. I am actually thinking this is now my lot in life forever!!

I met up with my best friend yesterday. She has 3 adult children, 7 grandchildren and 2 foster children and I swear her life is not as stressful as mine is with one adult offspring with learning difficulty and autism. Day in, day out there is some sort of worry, drama or appointment.

I do hope things get better for you both.


Dear Penny , Melly ,BB , Thara and Helena
I have taken a week off work and protecting my time,
Daughter has managed better and the latest crises easing.
Thank you all I came to a real low point and you all helped me feel hope.
Hugs Ula