Just disgusted with services

I have just got to the point where I have had enough, it is not the caring it’s the fighting services, dealing with all these people who are just clueless that I should contact this place and that place.

My new phrase is “let me stop you there” when someone suggests go to this place contact this place or that place.

You contact one service , the website is brilliant, fantastic, rights services help support, they send you a short letter contact place A, yes but place A told me to contact you, ah well we don’t do that service anymore since 2013, well I was told you did, no we don’t, well why is on your websight. Well that must be an oversight, a 6 year oversight, ah well it’s our web designers, well shouldn’t you contact them, well no thats not my department.
One lady actually gave me the web designers, well that was foolish red rag to a bull, I rang them up and they don’t speak to members of the public, this is an NHS service, the government are paying the wages, well no we don’t get paid by the NHS, actually they do I checked. But they are not responsable well surely they are responsable you can’t put incorrect information on the website. well it’s an oversight, a six year oversight, I suggest you talk to , but i did they told me to contact you, well she shouldn’t have said, yes but she did, she even gave me your phone number, well she shouldn’t have done that either.

So I contact Place A again and tell them place B don’t do the service, she says they do, I say they don’t, it’s like a pantomime on they don’t oh yes they do, it says on the website, yes but i have just talked to them and they don’t. Well have you tried place C yes they told me to talk to you but you told me to goto place B but place b don’t provide the service.

Have you tried place D yes they told me to talk to you who referred me onto place B.

About 8 phone calls to various places, and got nowhere, they are expecting elderly and disabled to go through all this just to get a service.

All these workers are getting a good wage and they are about as helpful as a piece of coal, the wages are very good, one is getting £27,000 , I have seen the job advert , how can you get £27,000 when you have about as much sense as a teabag,

I have had 2 years of fighting, 2 years of waiting lists, 2 years of we can’t help you, we can’t help, we are sorry, thats a good word.

I have been referred to one place exactly 2 years ago and what have they done absolutely nothing, it just seems that these places, it’s their job to refer you elsewhere, no one seems to actually have the funding, they just signpost and point in the right direction. When often the right direction is themselves except we don’t do that.

I have emailed , telephoned, sent off letters and received zero response, the websites are full of aims and objectives, values to give people a brighter future, but what have they done in 2 years, 14 months of waiting, attended a meeting, a couple of phone calls and ended what little help there was. Then they send you a letter, have you tried this place, yes they told me to contact you in the first place.
And they send you a little survey , would you recommend us to other people, well no but as your funding has been cut then even if i did then you couldn’t help them.

There just seems to be a lack of actual help it just seems to be contact someone else.

I feel your pain Londonbound.
It’s Thursday the day the Ombudsmen reports come out and there are at least 3 this week where complaints have been upheld because of the unnecessary passing the buck.
Sadly too at least one council is now withdrawing further and will be only be “signposting” carers and carees to other providers after they have completed online assessments
They do less and less yet my council tax goes up and up

Ps rather than “useful as a piece of coal” I prefer the term “useful as a chocolate teapot” when describing any Council employee. Helps me to visualise them dripping as they wither under my superior knowledge :smiley:

It is an awful position we are in with Local Government, what used to be a job for life and a premium pension, is now a bunch of untrained morons trying to cling onto the last olive branch before they fall of the gravy train.

As a veteran of 20 years in LG I’ve witnessed everybody jumping before they fall, a Chief Executive getting a ridiculous pay off “in order to save money”. A Director getting sued for harassment getting a five figure pay off to just get rid.

Now we have how many Modern Apprentices filling roles?

I know this doesn’t help, but I hope it helps to explain that chances are the person you’re speaking to is a 17-19 year old kid with no training, due to your Councils unwillingness to invest…

One of the problems is so many services have just been cut, essential services that elderly/disabled need but they have been cut to save money.

I am chasing services that literally do not exist so no amount of phone calls, letters or advocacy will access these services.

And the few services have been contracted out, you are often talking to someone not in the same county 40 or 50 miles away, the local knowledge is not there, they have never been to my home town.

just relying on outdated websites, you look at one website through one search engine, great, you look through another search engine and get a message that the service is not available.

There just isn’t someone you can phone up and they will actually help, theres seems to be a can’t someone else do it attitude.