Is it normal to cry after therapy?

My therapist is not making me cry, she’s a very sweet lady who has done nothing but listen, validate, and help me. I’ve had three sessions with her so far.

I don’t really know why I do this, but after my hour with my therapist, I close my computer (tele-health appointment), curl up in my bed and just sob my eyes out for 5 to 10 minutes. I usually feel a lot better after doing so, so I guess it’s not a bad thing, but it does catch me by surprise every time it happens because I’m not normally a crier.

I would say it is a good thing, much better than holding in the emotions. People often do cry in therapy, that’s why in their offices they always have a box of tissues. Sounds to me like you hold in your tears until afterwards and prefer to cry in private. Have you told your therapist that this happens? I’m sure she’ll be able to reassure you about it.


I’d say it’s a perfectly normal reaction - it’s your subconscious letting go of your pent up emotions.

Many years ago I used to regularly attend Yoga classes as much for stress relieve (I had a very stressful job at the time) as for exercise, at the end of the session we would all do a particular relaxion exercise to wind down after the class - without fail 2 or 3 of us (me included) would end up in tears.

Yeah, its completely normal. When you’re talking to your therapist and if you are comfortable with them, you go with the flow and talk and talk your heart out. So you don’t realize usually. After the session it hits you and it comes out in the form of tears. And it’s a good thing to cry. It feels lighter

Absolutely yes.
Caring long term is hard, and really, no one wants to know, because then they might feel that they should be doing something to help!

I think that’s a positive outcome. If you had no reaction I would question was it working. It has to be a good thing releasing what you have probably held on too for a long time.

It’s normal. I went for a physio appointment recently and ended up crying in front of him!!! Drippy me.

I felt so poorly and old and he had a nice kind voice and listened to me and it was just too much. I can’t remember the last time a person in real life ever really listened to me. He kept passing me tissues and saying he hadn’t meant to upset me.

Sounds like your sessions are helping.

Actually, a lot of people cry after teray. Idk why but this can represent a positive part so i don’t think you have to worry.

that happens to me too. We tend to see tears as a sign that something is wrong, but at least in this instance, I’d say that tears are a way of venting pressure, of releasing pain and dealing with feelings that have been frozen for too long. I think some people around here even call it therapy hangover.

You may have been feeling tense during the sessions, experienced some anger, and might have even cried. If you delved into something deep or uncomfortable, it may cause you to tap into emotions that are making you even more emotional and exhausted

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