I haven't been able to cry in a long time

It’s been a long time since I could easily cry, life got harder and really messed up, and I’ve been through allot. So many things that hurt so much I wish I could cry and I can’t even. I don’t really know what to do and I feel like I’m going to just snap one day. My mental health is pretty poor but I still do whatever I can to survive and try to succeed. No matter what, something big or ****** up happens that sets me back. Id visit a hospital but can’t afford to miss work, I really need help and it feels like I’ll never get it. This isn’t a cry for help I just really badly need to let this out. I’m getting sick of constant suffering

Funny thing. I can get all emotional over some things - certain songs, or certain parts of a song, films and TV, all sorts. But not about me or my situation. The last time I did that was when Dad died, 10 years ago. But I think the times I do cry are a release valve that lets out enough to prevent the pressure getting to me.

Actually, I think my Dad was the same: he bawled his eyes out when Bambi’s mum got shot.

Just a thought.

I can cry at an advert! The repair shop always gets me. Sad situations.
I haven’t actually cried about losing hubby for a long time. Miss him every day. I often think he went at the right time before covid. I wouldn’t have been able to visit him in the nursing home. Would have broke me. He was a softie inside. Once arrived home to find him in tears. I thought something awful had happened. It was the programme, little house on the prairie., something to do with the little girl!
Fran, you have shared your feelings with us, which is good and admirable. You can continue to vent with us. Hopefully it will help.

I don’t cry from pain. It’s not pleasant but it doesn’t make me cry. Certain pain is actually quite “enjoyable”. It doesn’t happen often so you sort of try to see it not as something hurtful but a different type of experience.

I did cry more when I was younger but I just haven’t cried for whatever reason. Even when someone close to me passed away. I thought I was going to tear up but no. It didn’t happen.

I don’t know…I feel it’s “cheesy” or “corny” or “formulaic” to cry in the situations we are expected to cry in and I guess my mind just overrides those expectations and I just remain nonchalant about it all.