Independent Carers Assessments and Direct Payments Query

Good afternoon everyone,
Looking for advice in relation to Carers Assessments.
Our local authority sent us a form to fill in (one for me, one for my mother) some seven months ago. We completed within a few days of receipt and returned. This generated two carers assessments. Basically it had all the information we have given them about our unpaid carer roles, but limited information with regards to carer support. My own one says something along the lines of…“to be discussed”. Now six months in from the date of the carers assessment, it is still “to be discussed”. However I am aware that the allocated social work would like to meet “to discuss”.
I would like our carers assessments to be redone via an independent body - someone who is totally unaware of circumstances or previous issues (of any sort) so that they can prepare a totally unbiased report. I feel the current SW would be too biased based on a poor relation of late where my mother was asked very recently to take on more work herself, in line with a reduction in time for the cared for through their package.
How can I also get an assessment on Direct Payments for both myself, my mother (carer) and the cared for? I do not want the SW involved in any assessments due to this breakdown in the relationship.
Can anyone advise, or is willing to share previous experiences please?
I have by the way, requested by the line manager of the SW, a new SW - but I am not hopeful.
Thank you - and have a good afternoon!

Hi Paul.

New ground for the forum.

I would bounce that question off the Carers UK Advice Team … best by email :

Even if your case was reallocated to a different social worker , would the outcome be the same … with the same LA ?

Thank you Chris.
I feel that given the situation with the SW is now potentially biased I do not believe that my mother and I will have a “fair” unbiased review or rewrite of the carers assessment unless it is done by someone outside of the social services team.
I’ll contact the advice line as you suggested.
Much appreciated, Paul.

Your welcome.