Hi Everyone. Advice Needed

Hi, forum is great and I’m sure will be a great place for advice in the future now I’ve found you.

My first bit of advice needed.

I’ve had a letter from the local benefits office to come in for a interview. To review my benefits and circumstances.

I am a full time carer and don’t receive any benefits other than the £64 carers allowance. I don’t have the time free to attend as my mother needs constant care and I cannot leave her alone.

Is this interview normal practice to go for an interview?

Thanks for any advice.

it is perfectly normal, the government are trying to get people back to work, but obviously if you are a full time carer how can you work, you can’t.

Hi Andy, welcome to the forum.

I am really concerned by posts like yours, because you are apparently caring non stop without any help or support whatsoever. If you could tell us a bit more about mum, and why you can’t leave her alone, we may be able to make a few suggestions about improving things for you.