Social Worker Support

Hi All,
Has anyone found a Carees Assessment helpful or useless?

Myself & family member (whom I provide care for) had an assessment in May. I’ve chased up some things with the assigned social worker & always seems to be “looking into things”

One being a £200 grant application the social worker was going to do on my behalf to help with something. Each time I’ve also chased that up, I’m being told “it’s being looked into”

We’ve had no ‘agreed’ support package to date. I just find the whole thing frustrating.

Sorry to sound like I’m venting but zi do wonder if anyone else has had similair problems? Should I complain?

Thanks :blush: :dry: :blink:

I’m in Hampshire.
This sounds just like the people who call themselves social workers or Care Managers. Don’t Care Managers more like.

I’m in County Antrim (Northern Ireland). It’s mad trying to get information.

Hi Jonathon

My son has a really good Social Worker. Though have to say went through two bad ones before. Both I refused to work with as they were just so bad!

Had a Carers Assessment this year and have got a good outcome for us.

LA,s often are supposed to think of preventing future need. And certainly this is a good angle to aim for when dealing with them…

I would be tempted to write an urgent email and state if you don’t hear anything about the grant application by the end of the week, you won’t be able to manage being a carer anymore as you are so stressed trying to chase this and being a carer etc…

Sounds drastic to say this, but it is often the only language LA’S understand.

I’m Hampshire as well, by the way.

Good luck

Thank you for this tip. I will do that today!!
It’s terrible having to feel we have to fight for little things.

Hi Jonathan
I suggest you try some disruptive follow up. Say something long the lines of making an entry in your diary. Can you have the name of the person and extension or email of who is dealing with it. Advise them if you haven’t heard in a coupl e of days you will ring to follow it up. Repeat, repeat etc . Don’t sink to the bottom of the pile and let them forget about you.

Genuinely keep a note of phone times and dates etc so you can refer back to your nootes in follow up calls.