Incontinece pads

my son needs incontinece pads all the time normally at day centre he is changed whilst lying down on a change table because he is unstable stood up,the day centresay now because of cuts to the service he will need to be changed whilst stood up,my problem is if he falls he will hurt there anyone who could advise me on this as its only a matter of time before he gets hurt


I wonder if the day centre is planning on cutting the number of carers so they wouldnt have two carers required if they use a change table, whereas only one carer is needed in stand up position? Craxy, I know but still a possibility!


my son can barley weight bare but has no stability so could fall over he is in a wheelchair im told by the centre they only have 1 table to change on and have since taken 35 disabled persons from another day centre so its first come or who shouts the loudest. these centres are supposed to care for the needy not neglect them

Honey Badger, I agree with what you’ve said. It could be time to put these concerns in writing so the day centre is forewarned that they would be breaching the careplan if they attempted to change pads whilst caree was standing.

I’ve never heard anything so silly! If they have taken on so many new clients then they are getting a lot more money on a daily basis. Therefore they need to get on and spend some on proper changing facilities!! I think you need to write and make a formal complain to Social Services about your son being put at risk/in danger. Let them sort it out.