Anyone experienced with supporting man to use bedpan while s

My father has lost his mobility very rapidly with dementia :frowning: to the point where transfers are almost impossible. Luckily there is an excellent care agency who are now sending in double-up visits four times a day (he needs two people to transfer). The problem is that dad needs to go to the loo between carer visits. He can tell my mum when he needs to go so isnt incontinent, but he cant say whether it will be number 1 or number 2. I cant think of a solution, but this morning remembered bed pans. Has anyone experienced using them. It would be a case of getting dad to stand with the riser recliner and zimmer, and then putting the bedpan under him. Im worried he will find it uncomfortable (he tends to be fearful and sensitive to the slightest of knocks). My dad is well built though not obese. My mother is main care giver small framed and 85 years old. Tips and advice please!?

I would in the first instance contact the local O/T. Where the assessment would also cover any necessary equipment. As it could be trial and error. So if Father dislikes the equipment. The O/T can keep recommending equipment until Father is happy.

I have used bed pans with my father - he also needs double handed support to mobilise. To be honest he didn’t really like them as he found them a bit painful on his bottom (the ones you wee into were easier). I used to simply roll my Dad onto and off them but he is very small and light. I imagine it could be tricky with someone who is larger.

I know there is a lot of reluctance/stigma but when he eventually agreed to wear incontinence pads it became much easier for him. I bought some nice coloured ones from Sainsbury’s- he wasn’t keen at first but we had a discussion about ladies wearing sanitary towels and how it wasn’t really that different. It took a little while for us both to adapt but they were a lot less messy than bedpans and we found we could retain his dignity much easier - I used to just cut down the sides with scissors , roll him over and throw them in the bin before cleaning and replacing. Much easier but I suppose it depends on his mobility issues and personal preferences.

I’ve never had to use a bedpan, but I can imagine that they may be a little unstable, (on a bed).

Have you considered a commode?

OT will provide a basic one if it’s needed, or you can buy something a bit more luxurious.