I'm another newbie!

I’m 49 and care for my husband who is pretty much bed bound with various physical problems, including a slipped disc (15 weeks and counting). GP has finally referred him for a scan, we have been funding physio and deep tissue massages as still waiting for NHS physio referral.
I have 3 teenage boys, who are wonderful (mostly!) and will help if I ask (several times), but I am trying to shield them as I am struggling massively with panic and anxiety and still trying to work and cope with everything. Sorry to be doom and gloom, but I cannot see an end to this and feel very alone, even with 4 other people in the house. Thanks for listening x

HI Dwando, welcome to the forum.

Was your husband working before he slipped his disc?
Have you asked Social Services for a Needs Assessment for him, and a Carers Assessment for yourself?
Now the school holidays have arrived, I guess it’s even worse. Social Services would know if there are any Young Carer groups in the area, so they could have some fun during the holidays.

Hello Dwando. Welcome to the Forum.
I’m really sorry to hear about your husband and that you are feeling lonely.
Whilst my caring situation has been very different, as young teenagers my daughters were able to find some support though our local Young Carers.
Your GP or Local Authority may be able to put you in contact with local groups who support carers. These groups often include people who are themselves carers and who are a source of useful local information.

Other members of the Forum may have other ideas too.

Thank you. I’ve filled in an online carer’s assessment form, but only a few days ago, and tomorrow I’m going to ring our local council. My husband wasn’t working before he slipped his disc, unfortunately that was just the last straw in a lot of ailments he already suffers with. He’s gone dizzy a couple of times when he’s stood up from the bed, and collapsed twice, causing further injuries. Lying flat on his back 24/7 is not healthy, but I cannot physically support him, especially when he half faints/goes dizzy. Thanks for your responses and advice.