I'm under a CMHT and not getting the right support

Hey everyone, I’m not a carer, however, my mum is a carer to me because I have autism, mental health issues and physical health issues. I am 22-years old.

I’ve been under my local CMHT (community mental health team) since 2018. It’s only been since November 2021 that I have finally been getting a little bit of help. However, they gave me a trainee psychologist at first who (no offence) didn’t help me whatsoever. She never answered me when I spoke and left me in the dark.

So, now I talk to a clinical psychologist who’s a bit better. The psychologist I am currently speaking to keeps saying about goal setting and stuff like that. I have the goal to go back to college in September. I think that’s a reasonable goal. Although it feels like the psychologist is putting everything on that. What I mean is that I think he thinks that me going to college is going to cure my mental health.

I went to hospital last night because I felt so low. The crisis team referred me to the home treatment team. The home treatment team said they couldn’t do anything to help me because I am already getting psychology from my local CMHT. However the home treatment did say if there were any specialist services for my autism. There is a specialist service for autistic people with mental health issues. However, my CMHT won’t refer me there because they don’t think I’m engaged enough. I don’t know what to do because I have really rigid thinking and think that if they’re not autism specialists, I can’t engage with them. Besides, they don’t even take my autism into account anyway!

What should I do about this situation because they won’t refer me elsewhere. I do have a psychiatrists appointment coming up soon, but I know they won’t do anything to help me like referring me elsewhere. Should I contact PALS?

It maybe an idea to speak to …

I wonder if a mental health advocate could help you? There should be an organisation in your area, usually a charity, that offers advocacy for young people with MH conditions. What you are describing sadly happens to a lot of people you are being passed around from one person to another and your voice isn’t being heard. Maybe your mum could help you to find someone from a local organisation to speak up on your behalf - there’s some information here:

You explain your situation really well and I always think its great to reach out on a forum and ask for help. I think the previous suggestion about contacting Autism uk is also a good one.

Good luck, I hope you get to college in September.