What can I do about this situation I'm in?

Hi all, I’m new here. I’m 21-years old, and come from Essex. I’m not a carer, but my mum is a carer for me.

I have autism and mental health issues. I’m currently under a mental health team and they’re offering me treatment for my OCD. However, I personally I don’t think my OCD is the issues at the moment. I’ve told the mental health team I’m under so many times about how my OCD is okay at the moment, but they don’t listen to me. I told my mental health team that I want to go to the autism inpatient unit because then they’d at least know about autism and mental health - but they’re refusing to send me currently because I haven’t completed any treatment at my local mental health team. I’ve been under this mental health team for 3-years and they’re saying because I’ve only just now accepted the treatment for my OCD that I’ll take months to get the treatment, despite having been under there for 3-years. I have an advocate that’s helping me - she’s really nice.

I’m morbidly obese and also have depression. I really want to be skinny, but I can’t stop eating and lose control when I overeat. I’m on medication for my OCD. It works quite well for the OCD, but not so much the depression. Everyone has told me different things about my compulsive overeating, some say it’s autism, some say it’s me being bored and greedy, and some say it’s my OCD. In the past I’ve been assessed for binge eating disorder, but like I said in the previous statements, people’s have said all these different things. Apparently I don’t have binge eating disorder.

The psychiatrists at my mental health team have no idea what autism is exactly about - of course they’ve heard of it, but they don’t know anything about it. It’s really bad.

I often feel suicidal and then I’ll be okay about an hour later. My moods are extremely up and down throughout the entire day. I can experience about 6 different moods within one day. I think also back in December 2015, I had an episode of psychosis, I thought that cartoon characters had feelings and hated me and my mum. It could have been severe OCD, but I don’t think it was. Then my medication got put up and I then gained some insight into my mental health and realise they’re just cartoon characters. However, if I didn’t have meds or if my meds were lowered I would be really bad.

I would like to know what I could do about this situation I’m in.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello & welcome Green pens

You certainly have a lot of things you need to think about. And as you are aware you can only cope/manage with one thing at a time. I guess It’s identifying which one of these issues. Are causing you the most distress. It’s not usually the one other people feel you need to deal with. If you autism allows you can you identify. The issue/s that YOU feel less in control.

There are always triggers for are moods. Have you or do you use a daily diary. It’s sounds a bit old school. But until you can find a pattern. You tend to go around in circle’s. The diary is not just for a log of negative feelings. It’s also more importantly for the things that make you feel happy, content and unafraid.

As you know from your autism your surroundings. Are very important if not crucially important to have a safe place.

Both you and you family need support. As you are attached to some services. Does that mean you have had a needs assessment.


And your Mum as your carer a carers assessment.