Im on carers allowance 4 (nephew) & need to change to dad

I am a full time carer on carers allowance for nephew with disabilities who has another family member taking over when I finish claiming carers allowance for him now my father has dementia which is getting worse so I am going to look after him instead I am about to change from one person to another to receive the carers allowance ie from nephew to father I do do hrs with him as well (father)with no carers allowance as can only claim for one person which we all know … which is the easiest way to go about this with out loosing any moneys from carers allowance days weeks as unsure and don’t want to phone about it until I have more information as money is tight as it is for all being a carer example …if I was to say I am being a carer for father from say next Monday and leaving my nephew from sunday will I miss out on my automatic payments I get and how long can it take to change before payments any help advice info very helpful thankyou I am new to this site

Hi Heather … welcome to the canteen … and an interesting one to kick off ?

A " Change of circumstances " … swopping one caree for another … which isn’t listed on the Government site :

Carer's Allowance: report changes - GOV.UK

It is best to report said change … assuming your father is claiming a qualifying benefit for CA to kick in ? … so as to ensure a belt and braces job … can be done by phone ( See link ).

As to any " Delay / stoppage " , I cannot comment … best to ask the Carers Unit direct.

Any other problems … housing / assessments / support etc. we can assist you with ?

On the benefits front , everything being claimed ?

An online benefits checker to play with :

Hi thankyou for reply… yes he is on attendance allowance and about to claim to higher rate when we get the chance to do it it was 6 months ago he went on the lower rate but has been diagnosed by more people after claiming not sure if he can have anything backdated ? before phoning them up to get it changed or try for higher sorry few qs on different subjects going on …as he is getting worse as he is 87 and has help with housing benefit council tax and the state pension he has been assessed by social services for housing needs / occupational therapist he has not had a carer on carers allowance before not sure if any others on this forum can add any thing they have experienced with changing from one person to another for carers allowance :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

Attendance Allowance … both rates paid indicate that CA will kick in :


You look after someone who gets a qualifying disability benefit.

This means the person you are looking after has to be getting :

the middle or the higher rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

either rate of the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

either rate of Attendance Allowance > or Constant Attendance Allowance of the normal maximum rate paid with the Industrial Injuries or War Pensions schemes

Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

No problem there.

On the back dating aspect , AGE UK factsheet no. 34 spells it out :

As for actual changes , different set of skills will be needed … others will be along to add their thoughts on those.

Housing … possible move to a care home in the future ?

Considerations …

Do you have Power of Attorney for dad? Are you his DWP Appointee?