Change of carer

I had been living alone as a widower but my son has been living with me for a few months and receiving carers allowance, but he will soon be moving away with his family to their own house. I will be alone again for a while but I am now planning to move south to be nearer my daughter and hopefully she will be able to take on the role.
Who is responsible for informing DWP about his role coming to an end - him or me? I dont want him to get into trouble with any overpayments. Do we inform them in advance of the date of moving away.?
Many thanks for advice.

Son … can be done online :

Carer's Allowance: report changes - GOV.UK

Carer’s Allowance: report changes

You must report changes in circumstances if you’re claiming or have applied for Carer’s Allowance, for example if:

you change, start or leave your job
you start earning more than £123 a week
you stop being a carer
you stop providing at least 35 hours of care a week
you take a holiday or go into hospital - even if you arrange care while you’re away
the person you care for goes into hospital or takes a holiday

You cannot use this service to report the death of someone you’re caring for. You should use the Tell Us Once service instead.

Richard, you are apparently the caree, ie disabled person, not the carer?

Moving is going to be very disruptive to all your benefits and the care arrangements.
Please get a Needs Assessment done by your current local authority, before you move.
Then your new authority is duty bound to provide that level of care until they have done their own assessment.
Your benefits may stop for a while, as when you move it’s treated as a new claim I’m afraid.

I cared for my mum, dad, MIL and FIL.
Please, please accept basic help from Social Services, so that your daughter can remain your daughter, not your carer/slave/dogsbody. Let someone else do the basic cooking, cleaning, washing, dressing etc. so that your daughter can be your companion and you can have fun times together.

I think you have to contact them. Can you hire carers or not? Have you had a needs assessment yet? Do not stress your daughter. Find qualified good carers or see if you can hire a cleaner privately as well. Get help as much as possible. Are there local professional laundry, cleaning companies etc in the area?