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Recently myself and partner have taken over the care of his disabled daughter due to mums ill health etc. we are managing to get respite and daycare etc in place slowly but have now been informed by Social Services that Dad needs to take over control of her finances ie PIP/bank accounts etc - mum at the moment is asignee/advocate (not sure what the right name is) and we need to have Dad in this position - does anybody know how we go about this or any hints and tips on achieving successfully without too much upset etc. Is it a matter of contacting PIP etc or is this something mum would have to do ? Thanks for any help all this is all new to me

Denise :slight_smile:

Changing an appointee ?

Look no further :

A snippet :

How Can Someone Change An Appointee ?

If the current appointee no longer wishes to act and nominates another person or organisation or if the individual is unhappy with their appointee and has the capacity to choose an alternative, suitable appointee they can request that this happens.

The existing appointee would need to agree to relinquish their appointeeship with the DWP and the new appointee would need to apply by completing a BF56 document and sending it to the DWP. The DWP will need to be assured that the request to change an appointeeship is in the best interest of the benefit recipient however.

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Chris has pointed you in the direction of the info you need. If it’s difficult for your partner to approach his ex re the appointee-ship then ask the social worker to do so, since it was their suggestion. They can support the Mum in notifying the DWP.

You have done well to get respite and day care sorted in this current “austerity” climate.


It’s a simple process, you ask DWP for the form, fill it in and send it off. Some people then get a visit, not always.
Mum is not entitled to any money for caring for the child from the day she moved out. DWP will be very concerned if she has done this, it’s fraud.

Long term, be sure to make plans for her future, when neither of you are able to care for her any more. I know it’s tough, very tough, to think about this (my own son is 40, with SLD, now living elsewhere due to my health issues).

Hi All,

Thanks for you help with this was not really sure where to start but will get onto it now. Have to admit re respite and day care our Social Worker has been brilliant it has taken time but we have got there.

Thank you for the hint re providing for the future this is something we have been thinking about.

Although we have always looked after her at weekends holidays etc full-time is a massive learning curve

Thank you again
Denise :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

She should have a 5 day programme of activities, it’s too easy for social workers to push Direct Payments without explaining properly. I’ve given up managing DP’s for my own son, due to endless problems.
Was she offered an independent fund manager to deal with them, is there an allowance within them for admin etc?


We have 3 out of the 5 days covered at the moment trying to find other things proving difficult as she needs one to one care - as would wander off if left alone. Able to walk short distances, unable to communicate without the use of a talker although 25 years old her mental age is much younger. We were offered Farms etc but they would be totally unsuitable and not safe.

re admin they cover the insurance and work out all the tax etc for us before we pay the PA - limited knowledge here at the moment as just about to start using the direct payment so things may not go smoothly yet.