I'm new here.

Looking forward to ongoing membership, having recently completed my Carers Assessment. I’m a retired Engineering Inspector who spent most of my time in Automobile component manufacture, and I look after my dear wife of 50yrs (52 counting engagement) who is struggling a lot more with her health than I am. We live in North Somerset, Clevedon being Jen’s birthplace, but Portsmouth was mine, which makes me an immigrant. I’m still getting used to Clevedon, since I arrived in 1965 (in truth I love it here).
We are of fire and water star signs and boil over quite often lately!

Hi Allan, can I ask what health issues cause most problems?
When did Social Services do their last Needs Assessment for her, and Carers Assessment for you?
Are you claiming Attendance Allowance?

Hi Allan,
welcome to the forum.

I’m not familiar with Clevedon, is it near the sea?

Do you think you “boil over a lot lately,” because of your wife’s health conditions or because you spend too much time together now you are retired and her carer?


Hi Allan,
welcome to the forum.

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