I am new here

Hi I am Diane and a newbie here. I care for my husband who has Parkinsons disease, he was diagnosed over 2 years ago but I suspect he has had it much longer. He is 82, I am 57, I gave up work last year as I could not cope with the stress of being out all day and worrying about what I would find when I came home. I am a lone carer as his children from a previous marriage either don’t care or cannot cope with his illness. We live in sunny(today) Devon.

Hi Diane, welcome to the forum.

I’m in the New Forest, it’s roasting today, both sons down at the Great Dorset Steam Fair today. Far too hot for No.1 as he has auburn hair and hates it when it’s hot.
Have you asked Social Services for any help? He can have a Needs Assessment, and you, a Carers Assessment.
They may have a “sitting service” so you know someone is with your husband when you go out.
What sort of things go wrong when you are out?
Does he have a Lifeline pendant?

Hi Diane,
welcome to the forum.

How are you finding 24/7 caring and not being at work?