I get treated like a domestic servant. Advice please

I am a self-employed private carer.

My client is tetraplegic and his care is paid for by the NHS. The work is very heavy and more difficult than with many other clients I have had. He uses suction, sarcophagus, hoists and I have to perform CPR every morning and sometimes during the day. It is very physically intensive work.

His mother acts as though I am a domestic servant for her and the household. She insists that I am always busy. If my client doesn’t require anything doing, she will find me sitting near to him and she will give me tasks such as:

Cleaning the sisters’ room.

Cleaning the kitchen.

Recently she wanted me to massage her knee, that was giving her problems.

I have no issue doing work that relates directly to my client, such as ironing his clothes, washing the bathroom (because he uses that), cleaning his bedroom etc. I do so much for him, he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for my constant hard work.

He does not use the kitchen. He does not use his sisters’ bedroom. His mother’s knee is not part of my job.

I need my job. I am afraid of losing my job if I confront her. I have been working for him for two and a half months and I need good references so I can continue to find clients as a carer or a nanny in the UK.

…but the NHS is paying for his care. It doesn’t seem right that this woman should expect all this additional work - and she doesn’t even pay for it - it’s meant to be care work for my client, not domestic servitude.

I need some advice.

I’m afraid your concerns are a little lost on this forum … as family carers , EACH ONE OF US is a Swiss army knife
when it comes to serving the needs of our caree … from fixing a broken wheel on a wheelchair to supplanting
qualified nurses in the care of our carees.

In respect of what we do , we have little choice … the only reward being the thought that our caree is receiving
care / services that add to their quality of life … however bleak in many cases.

Whilst this is not a forum for paid carers, I know that without people like you there would be no alternative to residential care, the work you are doing is wonderful. I’d suggest you go back to your employer, explain what is happening, and get the employer to deal with the utterly unreasonable demands made on you. Ideally, arm yourself with a job description. If you are asked to do something not on the job description, say you can’t do anything unless it’s on your job sheet (maybe mention invalid insurance or similar?!)

and maybe try to find information about Health & Safety regulations if you are being asked to breach them by doing tasks for which you have not been employed. If they have not given you a job description, ask for one.

Hi Rita
At the start of your post you state that you are “a self employed private carer”. If this is the case then you are responsible for stating the terms of your own contract and what services you are there to provide.

Being self employed, surely that is the one big advantage over working for an agency where the company job description will have an “anything else required” type clause in it.

Make it clear your terms and conditions. You could also advertise your skills on a local Facebook page. I don’t believe you should be a servant to everyone. In your position I would only accept it if I was paid well.

Hi Rita,I would have a word with your employer or Agency.It sounds as though you need help as your client sounds very unwell…We have carers twice a day & some of their jobs they have two carers.I am a registered carer for my Hubby.Sadly I am struggling as I have Arthritis of my hips ,knees & hands.My poor Hubb has terminal cancer. But your situation sounds very odd.regards Amanda H .Do you get time off in the day?

It’s a pity that I haven’t been here before, but forgive me for the necro-message. When I worked in Germany, I used to do it because according to rumors I knew that the Germans are very meticulous and it is because of these rumors that everyone who comes there begins to behave decently. But in Germany there are cleaning staff that write more hours for them and get more money. I already live in a different place, but then I was just afraid to write the hours in order to get more money and when there was a check, everyone was fined, but I was to blame. My employer just paid for a massage and sent me off for 4 days. I was confused because I was just doing my job even though I didn’t sleep much. I advise you to sign contracts and use official duties for which you receive money. You shouldn’t be silent and do what you don’t have to do; otherwise you will lose both your job and your face and turn into a free servant. Or - do everything very badly from those duties that you are not paid for them

This is a forum for UNPAID FAMILY CARERS.

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