Deep suctioning

Hi I am new in here. I wonder if any of the relatives/ unpaid carers showed or allowed to do deep suctioning to love ones. My husband had a stoke last year and needs regular deep suctioning because of that he is developing lots of infection and we are ending up go to hospital every three weeks. Can anyone give me advice?

Hi Emine,

I don’t have personal experience as my caree has different needs, however, we had children in school with special needs who required suctioning. They had complex care assistants in school trained to do this but their parents were often trained to do this too.

Your husband may well be entitled to continuing health care and complex care carers too.

Thank you very much Melly.

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Hi Emine

I don’t have personal experience but I have worked with carers who were trained to carry out suction at home, so it is possible. That said, the relevant authorities were a bit reluctant, so it’s important to make your case as to why you need to do it at home. The obvious one is prevention of admissions to hospital and reducing the strain on an overtaxed NHS. It’s also going to be less distressing for your husband, I’d have thought.

Having said all that, I strongly suggest you contact the Helpline for information and advice on this, as giving suction is neither easy nor pleasant, and there may be other things you can do first.

Hi Charles,

Thank you very much. You are right it is not pleased but I think only option as we tried the others. Also, sorry to ask but which helpline should I call?

Sorry - the Carers UK Helpline - best to use the email service though for queries like this one:

If he has a trach tube, speak to his pulmonary doctor. If he has a oxygen tank that counts as durable medical equipment. Same applies to a pulse oximeter etc. Tell us a little bit more. Not sure if you have considered this but he may qualify for the continuing health care scheme.
Look into it, you can find the details online. You need me time too. We all do in order to carry on. See if you can find a part time live in carer. Most care providers have websites these days. Make notes. Call the office to arrange a interview.