I feel like a slave

A terrible thing for me say .but I guess the loves fading 4 care visits a day like a formula 1 pit stop… guess I’m just fed up…packing up work next week ain’t no use to my colleagues. Sorry to rant .

You don’t have to give up work, if your wife needs more help it should be available through NHS Continuing Healthcare. Has an application ever been made?
What is wrong with your wife?

Hi Tommo,

I am new here so I don’t know your background and situation… but wanted to say hi and share that I left work over 4 years ago - and I can’t tell you how much I miss it. Somedays it must be your only time away?

Do what you think is right, but explore all options

Take lots of care



could you reduce your hours or days rather than give up work altogether? If the love is already fading when you are getting out of the house each day to work, how do you think you will feel caring 24/7?

If you are struggling at work and don’t feel you are any use to your colleagues, do you think you need sometime off - your GP could help with this or perhaps your Ma needs to have some respite care to give you a total break.


Sorry, I thought you were caring for your wife, not mum. You NEED to work, to maintain your income. Mum is clearly needing lots of help and support, it’s time to consider residential care.

Sorry I assumed your wife too…

If you could give a bit more information about her illness, what she can and cannot do, and who is paying for the carers, there might be other possibilities to consider.