I care for my grandmother and I’d like to sign up

Hello there, I care for my grandmother a lot of the time that I might as well be her carer. I’m struggling however to sign up and become one. Anyone know how ?

There’s not a lot that you can sign up for, (other than the relentlessness of caring). You’ve made a good start by joining this forum, and there is likely to be information useful to you on the main Carers UK website.

The next part of the process (I’d say) would be to request a "Carers Assessment " for you from your local Social Services dept, and a “Needs Assessment” for your Grandmother, and also inform both your and your Grandmothers GP.

What are your Grandmothers main problems that she needs help with?

Does your grandmother receive any benefits in her name i.e DLA, PIP Attendance allowance. She would have to have a qualifying benefit. Like the above for you to claim carers Allowance.

Carers allowance

Nada, I’ m a bit concerned by your message, especially as it suds you feel you must care, but would rather not?
I’m always concerned when grandchildren are carers, because it usually means you can’t get out and pend time with friends. Would you like to tell us more about you and grandmother? There might be other options available.
You cannot be forced to care.