Child care costs help

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum so bare with me please.
I have been caring for my grandmother roughly two years. When I applied I had a 6 months old girl and wasn’t fussed to put her in nursery or with the child minder as she wasn’t any trouble. Now that’s Shes 2 n half Iv realised she needs to start nursery but I need help with the costs. Iv rang carers allowance up and they have said to call universal credit. Iv called them and they have said they are unable to help unless I’m in work and to call citizen advise which I have but they are not answering any calls and chat is unavailable. Not sure who to contact at moment and feel like I’m going in circles. Any help and advise is welcomed.

Hi Fatima, welcome to the forum.

How much support does your grandmother need?
Is she currently claiming Attendance Allowance?
Are you receiving Carers Allowance?

Has your grandmother had a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and you, a Carers Assessment?

I’m not avoiding your question, but need a bit of background information first.

Does your grandmother have over £23,000 in savings, the limit for Social Services financial assistance?

Hello & welcome Fatima

Are you claiming carers allowance?

Ask if the nursery can help


Well shes needs full time care at the moment as she’s in the last stage of lung cancer and gets very breathless. Yes I’m currently getting carers allowance. I’m not 100% sure she’s getting attendance allowance but I think most likely she is. I will have to double check. She don’t have much saving i think she’s got less than £10,000. Iv never heard about needs assessment from social services to be honest and carers assessment. Could you give more details about it.

I have asked a few and they have asked me to fill in a form online to see if I’m entitled but unfortunately I’m not.

Fatima, welcome to the forum.

If mum is in the last stages of cancer, ask the GP to arrange Fast Track NHS Continuing Healthcare for her, this is FREE and would mean that she could have all the care she needs at home, until she passes away, if that is what she wants.

Are you OK with this, or would you prefer her to move to a hospice?
Our local hospice has a “care at home” service, find out if your local hospice can help or support you, now and in the future.
Has the doctor talked to you about arranging a hospital bed to make nursing mum easier?

You now need to bring together all of mum’s financial paperwork as soon as possible, hopefully mum can tell you where everything is?
After my dad died, I discovered that my mum never looked at any bank statements, I also discovered some really serious problems that I had to sort out with mum denying all knowledge at the time, although later I realised this was untrue. She was just burying her head in the sand.

Put everything in one place, I’m a great fan of lever arch files.
If she is receiving Attendance Allowance it should show up on her bank account.
If you can’t find any trace of it, there are special “fast track” arrangements for people who are terminally ill. Be sure to claim as soon as possible.

I know the following this is all upsetting to consider, but it’s much better to think about now, rather than at a moment of crisis.

Have you ever dealt with the affairs of someone after they have died?
If there is anything you are not sure about, or worried about, please come back and ask the forum members, we can help.

Have you decided which funeral director you will use when the time comes?
You need to know what is affordable. (If there are funds in the bank, then you just need to submit the funeral directors bill to the bank and they will pay it immediately, before probate is granted).

Be sure to look after yourself as much as possible.
Are you managing to sleep enough, get some fresh air?
Are there any other family members who can share the caring with you?