How to deal with a person's hallucinations

My dad most likely had Dementia with Lewy bodies but is still being evaluated for it, all of his symptoms fit perfectly however so I don’t see what else it possibly could be. Early on he was kind of aware that his hallucinations were just that and was able to snap out of them, but now he past that point. What should I do whenever he starts bringing up the things that aren’t there? Should I just play along? If I correct him he sometimes becomes aggressive.

Hi Sandrila,

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I don’t have experience of caring for somebody with hallucinations, but others on here will have.

In the meantime, there is information here on hallucinations and how to support someone having them:


Hi Sandrila

This is an area I’ve never been comfortable with, but Mum has had some real doozies. She’s seen my Dad and Sister (both long dead), puppies in hospital stealing meds…and I’ve seen her having conversations with people who weren’t in the room. It’s a bit spooky, to say the least.

That said, I generally try to live in the world Mum is in, where I can. If she’s seeing Dad, then I act as if he’s there - as far as I can. That brings its own challenges, of course.

Hi Sandrila
It’s very difficult. My late husband hallucinatied with delirium. He had vascular dementia with other health issues. I used to along with confabulations as much as possible. If he said his Grandad was sleeping on the bed I would be quiet. All sorts of bizzare things were said. If however he said something really awful happened, like being thrown in a cellar with rats I would tell him he had taken his medication at the wrong the time and he had been having bad dreams. Somehow he believed me. Doesn’t work with everyone, but worth trying. Being one step ahead is very hard, thinking on your feet.