My wife suffers periodically from Hallucinations which can last for a few days
She remembers some of them and She then has difficulty in knowing which we’re real memories and which are the Hallucinations
The big problem is that she now believes I’ve had various affairs (which I haven’t) and refuses to talk about it
We have been married for 30 years and been very solid so it hurts that she could even think I would do something like that
The question is what’s the best way to talk to her while she’s having the Hallucinations and how to deal with the distorted memories
We are still strong but there is a little tension when she sees me talking to a female and can come out with some very hurtful cutting remarks

Hi Tim
That must be so disconcerting for you both together and individually.

Firstly your wife needs to accept she is having such episodes and seek a diagnosis via her doctor and be very strong with the doctor to have tests and referrals in whatever directions he suspects it could be. Speak with the GP together, ask how to cope with them and your wife or her doctor might need or want to talk without you there.

I could not begin to guess, it could be as simple as stress, or something complex.

Have some instances and timelines of them for the doctor as a gauge of the frequency and severity of them.

Please keep checking back for replies from others who may have more helpful suggestions.