Seeing Ghosts?

My Mum is starting to really scare me, she has vascular dementia.

A short time ago Mum woke me up, it was dark. I turned on the landing light, Mum kept pointing behind me and telling me a little girl was behind me.

A few days later she called again and she was adamant someone was sat on the end of her bed. I did everything I could to convince her nothing was there.

Now tonight she keeps telling me someone is in the house, I try to comfort her but its 1:30 and I just want her to stop calling me…

Unfortunately this is common for people to see things that aren’t there, all part of the dementia, that the brain is damaged/not working properly.

The article suggests not to argue with the person seeing things, but try and distract them.

I would suggest contacting the doctor in the morning.

Thank you so much, you have no idea how helpful the links were.

I was seriously starting to think we were haunted, although deep down I knew it was the dementia…

If it’s any consolation Sandra most of us who are caring/have cared for someone with dementia have been through this scenario ! My own Mum regularly saw squirrels in her grandfather clock - we eventually realised it was a trick of the light when a car would go by with it’s headlights on :unamused: She would also insist that there were children downstairs - she lived in a ground floor flat. There were other things as well - it got to the point where we couldn’t watch “Escape to the Country” as she believed we were living in whichever house they were viewing and she was a “city” girl wasn’t happy about being stranded out in the country. I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was pretty scary !

She also had auditory hallucinations - would hear the choir/tenors singing regularly. We lived nowhere near a church so no choir ! Turned out she had tinnitus and the choir/tenors she heard were her brain trying to make sense of the noises from the tinnitus.

Like Londonbound has said distraction is the best way to go.

I agree
My husband told me that grandad was having a lowdown on his bed in the nursing home. He never knew his grandad,.I think I would have turned a whiter shade of pale if he had been as hubby was 73 at the time! I just replied Ok love, we will watch the TV quietly for a while. He also saw our beloved long lost dog run into the room. I went along with it. The only time I would not agree, was if he said something awful had happened, like being trapped with rats, then I would say that he must have taken his medication late or similar and it’s caused a horrible dream. Fortunately he would accept my explanation. It’s very difficult to become step ahead. I did learn to be, most of the time.