How to cope up with Anxiety

How do you cope with anxiety attacks? I need some advise

Tell us a bit more about who you care for and what is making you anxious.

The first steps guide is useful. Try meditation and mindfulness as well. You can find a mindfulness course online. Or contact the British Psychological Society in order to find a therapist. I also recommend the five things that you see exercise. Also make brief summary notes on your options. There are certainly plenty of qualified therapists situated within big towns and cities of Britain so do go and take a look. Best of luck. If you ask your family doctor he or she can provide recommendations and advice on what to look for. It is worth a shot in any case.

I am no expert but I suffered a lot of stress and anxiety in recent years due to my Mum worsening and then passing away, Covid restrictions keeping us apart, problems with my daughter (special needs) and then nearly two years of stress due to a legal issue with a family member concerning the Will.

I used to go to yoga some years ago and remembered some relaxation exercises we did which involved visualising a flowing stream with lily pads and you dumped a problem on a lily pad and watched it disappear downstream. I also tried to only deal with one thing at a time or it is just mindblowing. I used to lay in bed at night absolutely exhausted and imagine inside my head full of compartments and shutting all the little doors on the various problems until I had shut the final one and only then could I sleep. That might sound weird but it mostly worked for me.

There were times I considered seeking more medication but I managed not to. Best of luck!