I have been in this bought of depression and anxiety for nearly 2.5 years. It’s getting very boring and tiring. I have been having talking therapy and waiting for CBT but wondered if this needs to be done in a different way due to me being neurodivers?

I am waiting for diagnosis but as we all know it’s a long wait on the NHS and expensive to do privately. I did pay for my sons assessment.

Also I seem to be so much worse at the moment. Any unplanned external interruption seems to cause me to either have a panic attack or burst in to tears. It’s really making my life difficult and it’s impossible for me to work. I’m starting to feel as though I might have to leave my job, which I have always loved, because I can’t be outside my little bubble.

I just feel so lost and helpless

Hi there,

I am so sorry you are feeling this way and that no-one has responded to you.

Anxiety Uk are a good charity and have a sliding scale of fees for different budgets. They also offer CBT as well as Counselling.

There should also be a local mental health service near you offering low cost therapy.

Take care X

Would you like to tell us who you are caring for? There is a difference between depression and being utterly fed up.