How carers allowance affects other benefits

I’ve just been awarded carers allowance, I’ve always earned just over the threshold to claim but my hours at work have been reduced and I now qualify. I am just a little worried about how this could affect my other benefits eg Working/Child tax credits. Housing benefit. Thank you

Hi Emma.

Full sp on the DWP site :

Carer's Allowance: Effect on other benefits - GOV.UK


If you get Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit, you must contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to tell them about your Carer’s Allowance claim.

For a benefits m.o.t. , time to crunch some numbers through an Online Benefits Calculator :

Under Universal Credit or ( Thakfully ) not , the results will give you a good indication as to what’s out there to be claimed.

Earnings wise , £ 123 per week w.e.f. 6 April.

If any abnormalities are produced , just let us know and we’ll investigate,

Hi Emma, welcome to the forum.

Would you like to tell us more about your caring situation. We might be able to make a few suggestions which can help on the money front.

I have a 15yr old son with High Functioning Autism he was diagnosed 18 months ago. I work and always have but my hours have been dropped, like I said I was always over the threshold for carers allowance. I was awarded appointee for my son a while ago. He receives middle care and low mobility. I’m just worried that claiming carers allowance will affect my benefits to a point I am worse of. Also dreading PIP as my son will be 16 soon. Thanks

That’s where the Online Benefits Calculator earns it’s keep.

Thanks Chris I have used the calculator. It does stop all my housing benefits by claiming Carers allowance but I am better of £20 a week but that will now have to go back to the housing benefit I have received since the 01/01/19. That’s when my carers allowance was back dated too. Ah well

Yep … claiming an additional benefit … albeit Carers Allowance … will have a knock on effect on any income related benefits.