Returning to work!

looks like i will be returning to work very soon but i will still have caring responsibility for my wife.

I will be working 4.15am to 8.15am, 20 hours a week and will therefore not be entitled to carers allowance.

It will take a little bit of time to sort out financial issues as we are presently reliant on benefits. HB, CTAX, CA. We also have an 18 year old who we get chilt tax credits and child benefit for until the end of August.

Who do i need to advise of the change in circumstances and is there an overlap period so we dont get behind in bills etc.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

It’s not the number of hours you work, but the amount you earn that decides whether you are eligible for Carers Allowance or not.

Have a read of CUK’s factsheet on CA here

Hi Nikki.

( Change in circumstances : full sp : Benefits: report a change in your circumstances - GOV.UK )

Time to crunch some nunbers through an online benefits calculator , me thinks :

Ideal for " What if " scenarios as you are now facing.

" If I take on work … £ 123 per week limit and still retain carers allowance … what’s the knock on effect on all other benefits
… especially so if I am now under Universal Credit.

" Second calculation … take on more than £ 123 worth of work , not claim carers allowance … other benefit changes ? "
( If not rolled out on your manor , no problem … said calculator will ask that question. )

One immediate neighbour did a recent calculation … over a certain amount , would lose 64p in benefits for every additional
£ 1 earned.

In short , it should reveal how many pennies in the £ 1 you will lose in reductions in any income related benefits.

Possible to earn more than £ 123 and still claim carers allowance … marshalling … more on that if needed.

Figures … what do they reveal ?

We’re here to answer those questions guaranteed to arise.

I did an online calculation based on £200 earnings before deductions. We are not on universal credit thankfully. It looks like we lose alot of hb and ctax. And could be approx £20 a week better off.
Will it be worth applying for wtax credit for 2 months?

I have tried to find out about "Marshalling " but not sure how to go about it.

Yep … sounds about right , Nikki.

( I won’t post that UC Christmas cartoon again … bad enough first time around ? ).

UC ?

That’s one bullet dodged … for now.

Working Tax Credits ?

If added into the equation … and the new answer is … more monies … yes.

Just the paperwork needed everytime a " Change in circumstances " occurs … crossing one’s fingers that all the DWP
Units respond at the same time and adjust whatever all together !

Marshalling ?

Usual way is through personal pension contributions … these can be offset against income.

For example … earn £ 143 in one week , make a £ 20 payment into your pension scheme , net pay now at the weekly limit.

Has several tax advantages , Government will add to those contributions … definately a case of jam tomorrow instead of
today … for your stale bread … and said pension monies are not invested in a Neil Woodford authorised scheme ?

More on marshalling if needed … just a simple example to set the ball rolling … and your mind thinking.

For slightly more ways involving expenses :

Work-related costs and Carer's Allowance - Entitledto

So i have a trial shift tomorrow!

If all goes well i could start monday.
So join company pension scheme is a must!

Is there a cross over period for hb and carers if i dont get paid for a month?
Or do i have to get into arrears and debt?

If starting from zero … work , then pay … the bridging gap.

Be sure to synchronise all dates … zero day … start work and all benefit DWP units aware of that date.

( If advising online , retain all emails in case they are needed ! )

Overpayments can be a headache … especially if you do not recognise them as such … and then spend those monies ???

For example … earn £ 143 in one week , make a £ 20 payment into your pension scheme , net pay now at the weekly limit.

be aware that only 50% of pension contributions can be deducted (see CUK factsheet) - so if you put £20 into that pension pot then only £10 can be deducted from your earnings - you would need to put £40 into the pot to deduct £20.

Thanks Susie … APOLOGIES … now 9 hours+ monitoring this forum … entitled to the odd error ?

So thats a no then. No Grace period to help with the change in circumstances.
Have just found info on discretionary housing benefit payment that we may be eligible for!
Woohoo lol

Full sp on that one , Nikki … coming up :

Discretionary Housing Payment - Entitledto

That word MAY … ?