Hospital discharge to placement

Can the local authority insist on my mother being discharged back home even though hospital have recommended care package to a placement? My mother is 103. Fell and fractured pelvis with care package of 4 x single carer a day. The rehabilitation worked fine albeit with someone (mostly myself) being here 24/7 for 2 months. And her mobility recovered that I was starting to get out and about myself in the 3rd month when she fell again - I was at home but in another room. Nothing broken this time but hospital found some medical issues to attend to. Meanwhile her mobility has declined rapidly requiring 2 hospital staff to move her to commode etc. Nevertheless she was discharged as medical issues resolved with same package of care and hospital therapist insisting her mobility was such that she could stand with one person assisting her to commode. That evening I had to call an ambulance because having just about managed to get her to the commode, I couldn’t get her back into bed properly. Now we are in a situation of a failed discharge and further mobility assessment being made (no more medical requirement) So this time hospital have put on the recommended care package a discharge to placement. Today my local authority social services have rung to say the hospital haven’t given enough evidence that my mother needs night care and want to recommend a package of 2 carers 4 x a day, a district nurse because the hospital has seen fit to put in a catheter to an otherwise continent patient. I am at the end of my tether at the thought of this 24/7 care. Nighttime worries. My mother (vascular dementia) will not ask for help, especially at night, and tries to do things for herself, hence the falling and requrement for 24/7 observation but the LA are looking for signs of her wandering on her own, which she won’t in hospital with constant monitoring and unfamiliar surroundings. The LA are ringing again Monday morning after they have subjected hospital to a schedule of care report over the weekend. Can I refuse to care at home for my mother?

Lesley, absolutely you can refuse and you should, for the sake of your mother and yourself.
Others will be here to back this up!

I am not qualified to respond, but in support, I believe it is wrong for your mother to come home, to me it seems that she now needs to be in residential care for her safety and welfare.

I know others will be giving some great informed advice when they see this.

Yes, you have an absolute right NOT to care. Work out how many hours care will be covered by the carers. Then ask who they imagine is going to do the care the rest of the time??? I know how stressful this is. Mum had to have a hospital bed delivered before she could be discharged. I was TOLD when to be there, I just didn’t go to her house to let it in! Hospital sister very annoyed with me!!!