Hospital behaviour

hi i am a disabled carer with high congestion and loss of hearing since may i have been tested for covid sereral times results are 0 ,i have continued to contact asc about support nothing offered ,
my wife was taken to our local hospital in eastbourne where is was diagonsed with gallstone pancreatitis on saturday the 5th december then transfered to hastings conquest then she was discharged put in a taxi with only nighty and dressing down that did not fit no underware either , on tuesday 8th dec she was taken again to eastbourne hospital where she was diagonsed with the same issue again taken to hastings conquest ,
i am not sure at the moment how long she will be in for and i have to inform benefits etc due to hospital admissions every time i try and contact the hospital the central switch board seems to be asleep or no answer
i am very concerned at the moment what my wife is having done and did manage to speak to ward yesterday and to inform them that she is very vulnerable not only physical but mental i have tried to talk to asu eastbourne and hastings not a great deal of support
but my question would be why discharged if infection was still there ? i am not a tall happy i myself have no support and we have not had any since covid started !

Hello, Dean. Your situation seems a little confused.

In answer to your closing question, it sounds as though someone at the second hospital has messed up. The fact that she had to be re-admitted with the same diagnosis seems to suggest this. There also seems to have been lack of communication.

On the occasion of the first discharge, were you contacted to tell you she was about to be discharged? Did they discuss with you how she would be transported home? Were you given the opportunity to get suitable clothing to her?

Is she still in hospital now? If you can answer these points and tell us about anything else significant since your previous post, we may be able to make some suggestions.

Hi Dean,

how worrying. Have you tried contacting the PALS service at the hospital? If you can’t get through on the phone, they should have an email address too. Just google the hospital name and PALS.


Dean have a look through these links and hopefully. This will better arm you when speaking to the hospital

Hospitals just aren’t very helpful, idea discharge the patient quick as possible, free up a bed, £500 a night, so often do this.

Its called an unsafe discharge, the hospital should have arranged suitable treatment care and support before discharge.

But they often break the rules.

Contact PALS say how unhappy you are at the whole situation.

thanks for your replys

i was not advised over the phone of discharge , what happened was that the nurse who was looking after my wife texted me on my wifes phone of discharge which is wrong due to covid

i was not advised of what transport was to be used for first dischage

there was no advise on clothing

my wife is at home for the moment but i am up day and night looking after her calling 111 for advice all the time dr saw her at home yesterday afternoon

i have been in situations with the nhs trust before and complained several times about how my wife was treated i find it dont really get you any where allthough i went through seap
and commissioneer for nhs trust and pals office allthough complaints are logged the issues are still there

before second discharge i did ask for a refer to adult social care it was not done

they have discharged due to my wife can walk around wash and dress her self

but she is very chatty moody in pain etc i am concerned not only for her physical but mental state as well as she has bi polar disorder learning issues etc as well as other health problems
no fault of my wife but when her mental state gets out of control she can hit out at me

You refer in your first post to both gallstones and panceatitis. I know from when my daughter had this that if the gallstones cause too much of a flare-up of panceatitis, that this inflammation has be reduced before they can consider any surgery (usually micro/keyhole surgery these days).

thanks for your replys operation not good at the moment as wife is not medically fit due to over weight and mental health

I have no wish to take issue with Londonbound or anyone else who has contributed to this discussion. What I find somewhat objectionable is the practice of hospitals. surgeries, etc., of quoting figures of money like this.

I get automated reminders by phone of appointments with hospital departments, with the opportunity to confirm or re-arrange. This I find useful. Except for the bit at the end. “A missed appointment costs the NHS £160.”

Where exactly does this figure come from? I guess it is a little bit of arithmetic by the accountants. “This is how much Out Patients Department cost last year. Divide it by the number of appointments.” Something like that.

If I find I can’t keep an appointment I do my utmost to inform as soon as possible.


Because I do not like to think that I have deprived someone else the opportunity to have an appointment. I know many are waiting a long time for appointments and I do not want to make that wait longer than necessary.

I am sceptical about the actual “cost” of a missed appointment. Hospital staff are busy people with a backlog of work. I’m sure they don’t spend the time sitting around doing nothing for an hour if someone does not turn up for an appointment. It is a useful opportunity to catch up with the workload.

Now for beds. Londonbound has quoted £500. I am trying to imagine for a moment that I am a ward sister. My biggest concern would be to avoid having to turn away a seriously ill patient because I had no bed available. And of course there are waiting lists of patients needing hospital admission for surgery. I would therefore need to consider discharging patients well enough to go. I would certainly not discharge someone in the belief that an empty bed would somehow save the hospital £500. If in a dilemma I might see if I could “bend the rules” to satisfy the interests of as many as possible.

There are plenty of stories in this forum about patients being forcibly discharged, hospital-type beds being delivered against the wishes of the caring family, etc. We are advised to be assertive and stand up for the needs of ourselves and the patients. Don’t be surprised if hospital sisters are equally assertive. They are at the front line and trying to do their jobs. It is often a tough battle.

I wish health authorities would avoid this mercenary practice of quoting prices for beds, missed appointments, etc. It diverts attention away from the main issue - caring for patients.

by Pennie » 13 Dec 2020 13:07
You refer in your first post to both gallstones and panceatitis. I know from when my daughter had this that if the gallstones cause too much of a flare-up of panceatitis, that this inflammation has be reduced before they can consider any surgery (usually micro/keyhole surgery these days).

Thank you, Pennie, for sharing your experience. I did say in my earlier post that there had been lack of communication. This information should of course have been explained at the time of discharge.

i find it extremely hard when you are the carer your loved one goes into hospital , you advise what your loved one is like and your concerns , the staff / hospital dont seem to see or worry about the same things as you are worried about your loved one is discharged and in our case manic behaviour it is unfair that a proffessional dont seem to have the same worry
i have been through the same issue over 24 yrs of knowing my wife and yet all the hospital says after complaints are made is that it wont happen again but it does !

I think what they are describing is Bed blocking where a patient is well enough to go home but can’t because there isn’t enough social care.
So hundreds are taking up beds and needing to be fed and looked after by the hospital, someone has added it all up and arrived at this figure.

But then the lack of social care is causing people to end up in hospital which again is costing the NHS money.

But they are supposed to be providing more help in the community, community care teams to reduce and prevent hospital admissions.

I too have been through the same issues my caree’s getting discharged too soon and ending up back in hospital, the hospital is supposed to be fined when this happens, but does it?