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I need some reassurance.
I have been caring for my Mum for the last 3 years, shielding her during the pandemic, etc.

Over Easter weekend she suddenly could not walk. I took her to A&E for an x-ray (5-hour wait) but nothing was found.
She was admitted to the hospital the following Tuesday and has been there ever since. She was due for discharge today but has tested positive for Covid and is having to isolate for 10 days. shagle

Once she is clear they are discharging her to a care home. I went to see it yesterday and I hated it. The thought of her going there is so upsetting. I have been given no choice. omegle tv
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My anxiety levels are through the roof.
I just wish I could bring her home and look after her myself and not put her through the trauma of going to this home.

Tell us more about your mother including her level of mental capacity etc.

You say there was “no choice” of home. Why not?
Has anyone talked to you about how it will be funded long term?
What the fees are?
Given a “prospectus”.

How far is it away from you?

Julian sorry to hear this.
I don’t have knowledge to help you on this.
I hope there is a way to challenge it and find a better home.

Having her back home is a major consideration and you need to think deep about her condition if it is changed and any extra care that brings, a home might be the better place for her needs and I am not saying this lightly because I do not want my mother going into a home as long as I can help it.

Google the CQC - Care Quality Commission
Do a search on the home in there for how they fare on their inspections of the home.
I hope the results are good and set your mind somewhat at rest, but if they aren’t good, then you have more fighting armour against it.

I hope mum isn’t too badly affected by Covid. In a way, it’s a blessing in disguise though.
It gives you time to look at alternative homes.
Write a list of all the things you know mum would like.
Then you need to work out what mum can afford, or if she will be funded by Social Services (SSD).
You must ask each home if they accept SSD funded patients before your visit, if SSD will be paying.

It might be anything from a garden club, the opportunity for trips out in the minibus, etc.
From your point of view, the nearer your home the better.
My mum’s home was on the way to my supermarket. Ideal. I could pop in on the way to the shops, see if she wanted anything, and drop it off on the way home.
Are the staff friendly?
Make an appointment to see the Matron/Manager the first time, and have a look round. Then aim to arrive just before a meal, smell the food, see if residents are in a pleasant dining room, are they helped to eat, etc.
Every home should have a prospectus detailing what they can do, and what extras they charge for, things like papers, nail cutting, hairdressing etc.

Just bringing the topic up the list

Maybe a care home can help. Use to find out more.